Ruhof Rinse Aid

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Cat. No. 345RN
Cat. No. 345RN10L

4 x 4 Litre Bottles
2 x 10 Litre Bottles

Rinse Aid for Machine Washing.

Specifically Designed for use in all Automatic Washers, Washer Disinfectors, Cart Washers and Tunnel Washers.

Prevents Spotting on Surfaces of all Surgical Instruments and Glassware.

RINSE AIDŽ prevents adhesion of scale and mineral deposits on the surface of all surgical instruments and glassware. RINSE AIDŽ contains powerful wetting agents that lower the surface tension on instruments during the rinse cycle, allowing water to drain quickly and completely. RINSE AIDŽ prevents spotting caused by hard-water, leaves no residue and assists in drying, leaving instruments and glassware sparkling clean.

  • Designed for all automatic washers
  • Prevents adhesion of mineral deposits
  • Prevents spotting
  • Assists in drying
  • Leaves no residue

DIRECTIONS FOR USE - Automatic Cleaning Devices:

  1. Pour 2 ml per litre directly into detergent reservoir full strength, or calibrate the washer dilution at 2 ml per litre of water. Follow manufacturers recommendations for correct dosing option


  1. Add 1 to 3ml per Litre of water in the final rinse of each automatic wash load (dependent on water quality)
Ruhof Rinse Aid 4 Litre Bottle
Rinse Aid 4 Litre Bottle
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Ruhof Rinse Aid 10 Litre Bottle
Rinse Aid 10 Litre Bottle
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