Ruhof Endozime® XP (Xtreme Power)

Cat No. Quantity
345XPSQ2L 6 x 2 Litre Bottles
345XP 4 x 4 Litre Bottles


Super-Concentrate - USE LESS CLEAN MORE Multi-Tiered Enzymatic Detergent with Advanced Proteolytic Action and Rust Inhibitors. Designed for use in all Endoscope Washers, Washer Disinfectors, Ultrasonic Washers and For Manual Cleaning.

Ruhof Endozime XP 4 Litre Bottle

Ruhof Endozime® XP 4 Litre Bottle

Ruhof Endozime® XP Xtreme Power combines the power of a super-concentrate with the performance of Ruhof’s proven multi-enzyme formula to create the ultimate surgical instrument and scope cleaner.

This unique combination gives Ruhof Endozime® XP Xtreme Power it’s superior cleaning abilities to deliver fast and thorough soil contamination removal. Enhanced with APA (Advanced Proteolitic Action) that greatly increases protease enzyme activity.

Ruhof Endozime® XP Xtreme Power penetrates into the hardest-to-reach channels of scopes and cannulated instruments, instantly and actively breaking down gross contaminants upon contact.

Ruhof Endozime® XP Xtreme Power contains biological additives that speed the process of liquification and solubilization, facilitating enzymatic action and contributing to the product’s overall effectiveness.

Features and Benefits

  • Super-Concentrate: Dilution from 2ml per Litre
  • Effective in all water temperatures (Including cold water)
  • No foam formula
  • Removes all soil contamination. Starts cleaning on contact
  • Available in smaller bottles. Easier to carry, store and pour
  • Compatible with all medical device materials
  • Neutral pH, Free rinsing and 100% Biodegradable
  • Inhibits rust
  • Less plastic bottle and packaging waste
  • Reduction in energy usage


DIRECTIONS FOR USE - Automatic Cleaning Devices:

  • Pour 2 ml per litre directly into detergent reservoir full strength, or calibrate the washer dilution at 2 ml per litre of water. Follow manufacturers recommendations for correct dosing option

DIRECTIONS FOR USE - Manual Cleaning:

  • Add 2ml per litre of Endozime Xtreme Power (Works in all water temperatures)
  • Submerge instruments and scopes to be cleaned. (For scopes: suction or flush through channels before soaking)
  • Soak for two minutes to remove all organic matter. (Heavy soil may require longer time)
  • Rinse thoroughly with tap, distilled or sterile water
  • Discard used solution
Ruhof Endozime XP 2 Litre Bottle

Ruhof Endozime® XP 2 Litre Bottle

Ruhof Endozime XP 10 Litre Bottle

Ruhof Endozime® XP 10 Litre Bottle


Ruhof Endozime XP 2 Litre Bottle


Ruhof's research and development department revolutionised the cleaning industry with their enzymatic cleaners

Ruhof Endozime XP 2 Litre Bottle


easy to use safe and cost effective product range offering time efficiency and extended protection of instruments leading to longer life

Ruhof Endozime XP 2 Litre Bottle


tried and thoroughly tested range offering extended life to instruments with reduceing replacement or repair

Ruhof Endozime XP 2 Litre Bottle


proven to dramatically reduce cross contamination providing effective and safe instrument cleaning

Ruhof Endozime XP 2 Litre Bottle


ISO certified and CE compliant with quality assurance exceeding worldwide standards