Ruhof Prepclean® Forever Wet

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345PFW32 6 x 946ml Bottles FAL12850


Instrument Transport Humectant Pre-Cleaner. Non-Enzymatic, Non-Aerosol. Helps to Prevent the Adhesion of Bio-burden to Surgical Instruments and Scopes.

Ruhof Prepclean Forever Wet

Ruhof Prepclean® "Forever Wet" 946ml Bottle

Ruhof PrepcleanŽ Forever Wet is a neutral pH, non-aerosol humectant spray which promotes the long lasting retention of moisture on soiled instruments helping to prevent the adhesion of bio-burden to surgical instruments and scopes. This unique formulation gently coats instruments to maintain moisture making it an ideal pre-cleaner for soiled instruments during transport or when left for an extended period of time.

The only detergent designed to target and dissolve polysaccharides from semi-critical and critical medical devices.

Getting rid of biofilm is a two-step process; mechanical cleaning action using Bio-Clean NE, followed by the use of a liquid chemical sterilant or high level disinfectant. Is the simplest, most inexpensive method of breaking down biofilm and killing the underlying bacteria.

Perfect for use in Operating Theatres, Endoscopy Suites, Outpatient Surgery, Dental and other departments where instruments are transported to decontamination.

  • Humectant spray promotes long lasting retention of moisture on soiled instruments helping to eliminate dried on bio-burden
  • Keeps instruments moist for an extended period of time
  • Perfect for instruments that set overnight or over a weekend
  • No "skinning"; unlike other pre-cleaners does not leave a hardened skin on surfaces after an extended period of time
  • Helps to prevent the adhesion of blood clots and organic debris in the cannula tunnel of instruments and scopes
  • Begins working instantly on contact
  • Rinses easily; washer/disinfector compatible
  • No messy spills or splashing during transportation
  • Neutral pH; safe for all instruments and scopes
  • Non-aerosol; environmentally safe



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