Enzymatic Cleaner Products

Enzymatic Cleaner Products
Ruhof Endozime®

Endozime® is a foaming dual enzymatic cleaner that removes blood, protein, mucous, vomit and fecal matter. This formulation of Protease and Amylase enzymes with buffers and surfactants is perfect for all flexible and rigid scopes and instruments. Endozime® will solve any problem with clogged channels, sticky biopsy forceps or clouded lenses, leaving both scopes and instruments free....... read more

Endozime XP
Ruhof Endozime® XP

Endozime® Xtreme Power combines the power of a super-concentrate with the performance of Ruhof’s proven multi-enzyme formula to create the ultimate surgical instrument and scope cleaner. This unique combination gives Endozime® Xtreme Power it’s superior cleaning abilities to deliver fast and thorough soil contamination removal. Enhanced with APA (Advanced Proteolitic Action) that greatly increases.... read more

Ruhof Endozime AW Plus
Ruhof Endozime® AW Plus

Endozime® AW Plus is a unique low-foaming formulation of enzymes that remove blood, fat, carbohydrates, starches and protein from all surgical instruments and scopes in as little as 2 minutes. This product is designed to clean the most difficult instruments (i.e. orthopaedic, laproscopic) yet is safe for use on the most delicate (i.e. ophthalmic, microsurgical).... read more

Ruhof Endozime AW Triple Plus (with A.P.A.) NO SCENT
Ruhof Endozime® AW Triple Plus (with A.P.A.) NO SCENT

Specifically designed for customers who are susceptible to allergic reactions when using a cleaning chemicals containing dye and perfume (scent) The product can replace the regular Endozime® AW Plus in Automatic washers, washer disinfectors, ultrasonics and manual cleaning.... read more

Ruhof Endozime Sponges
Ruhof Endozime® Sponges

Endozime® Sponges provide a quicker and more thorough cleaning of endoscopes, flexible fibre-optic, rigid or tubular medical instruments. The sponges are designed to contour the outside sheath of a scope to remove gross contaminants before enzymatic presoak. Each sponge is saturated in our bacteriostatic enzymatic cleaner, Endozime® and begins cleaning on contact.... read more

Ruhof Endozime Sponges Mini
Ruhof Endozime® Sponges Mini

Providing a quicker and more thorough pre-cleaning. The Mini's unique smaller diameter opening helps protect delicate small scopes from aggressive cleaning where too much pressure may be applied during wiping. Saturated with Ruhof's enzymatic cleaner, Endozime®, to start cleaning on contact. Easy to use – the Endozime Sponge Mini is specifically contoured to fit 2 mm to 6 mm endoscopes.... read more

Ruhof Orthozime
Ruhof Orthozime®

Orthozime® is a powerful formulation of enzymes, buffers and non-ionic detergents that safely dissolves and removes all blood, fat and protein from flexible reamers, hip replacement sets, cannulas and liposuction equipment. With its triple enzymatic formulation.... read more

Ruhof Prepzyme
Ruhof Prepzyme®

Prepzyme® is ideal for keeping soiled instruments, scopes and biopsy forceps moist, preventing bio-burden from adhering to the surface prior to decontamination. The multi-tiered enzymatic foaming spray covers the instruments and begins breaking down blood, fat, protein.... read more

Ruhof Prepzyme XF (Extreme Foam)
Ruhof Prepzyme® XF (Extreme Foam)

Prepzyme® X.F. provides a thick, long lasting foam that keeps soiled instruments moist and begins breaking down blood, fat, carbohydrates, starches and protein prior to decontamination. Prepzyme® X.F. makes cleaning easier and helps speed up turn-around time by preventing bioburden from drying on to the surface of instruments.... read more

Ruhof Prepzyme Forever Wet
Prepzyme® "Forever Wet" 4lt

For use with the ForeverPrep dispensing system. Prepzyme Forever Wet is a neutral pH, multi-tiered enzymatic humectant which promotes the long lasting retention of moisture on soiled instruments and scopes thus helping to prevent the adhesion of bio-burden..... read more