Automatic Double  Dose Dispenser Pump

Automatic Double Dose Dispenser Pump

This simple touch pad operation dispenser pump is designed to deliver a single or double dose of Enzymatic Cleaner into either two sinks or an ultrasonic and sink, or a bucket and sink (Endoscopy).

  • Validates manual cleaning processes
  • Reduces chemical handling
  • Risk of spillage removed
  • Reduces chemical wastage
  • Time saving
  • Prevents under dosing

These units can be programmed to put in as little or as much detergent as the customer requires consistently.

The enclosures are water resistant, robust and smooth. The auto dispensers require a single-phase power supply/socket to work. In the UK it requires a 240V three-pin socket.


Gives the user control of the chemical dosage and ensures cleaning quality consistency.

In an ideal world all surgical instruments and equipment would be processed through the Washer Disinfectors reducing handling and ensuring the item has been thermally disinfected. Unfortunately even with an Enzymatic cleaner on the washer disinfector some equipment will be damaged by heat or immersing. i.e. Power Tools.

By fitting the Auto dispenser the customer is in control of the wash quality, allowing the introduction of quality procedures for pre-soaking, manual washing and ultrasonic cleaning.


Our office, will contact the customer to organise a convenient fitting time and date. The customer is responsible for giving the engineer the fill level details, to enable the engineer to set the pump with the correct dilution rate.

Before the manual dispenser can be fitted, the customer will need to calculate the quantity of water they require in the sink to clean their surgical instruments. Usually, this level is determined by the level at which the instruments are fully submerged just below the water line. When the level has been agreed a permanent fill line needs to be established. This can be marked either with waterproof tape, a permanent marker or engraved into a stainless steel sink. Using the information supplied by the customer, the engineer can calculate the required dosage to set the pump.

e.g. 30 Litres of Water = 120ml of Endozime AW Plus @ 4ml per Litre

Personalised laminated instructions are supplied with each dispenser pump for the customer to put on the wall near the unit.

Calibration and Maintenance

The auto dispensers are fitted and maintained by an approved independent dispenser engineer. The Dispenser pump is serviced and calibrated annually. The calibration certificate will assist your quality audit. The pumps require only a small amount of maintenance if used correctly. The pump head is replaced annually.

Terms and Conditions

The dispenser remains the property of Ruhof “Peskett Solutions Ltd”, as the dispenser pump is supplied, fitted and maintained free of charge. It is the customers responsibility to ensure that the dispenser pump is operating correctly and if the dispenser pump is damaged by misuse,the customer will pay for the repair or replacement of the unit. If the customer ceases to use our product, the pump is removed by the engineer during the annual calibration.

Automatic Double Dose Dispenser Pump
Automatic Double Dose Dispenser Pump
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Automatic Pump Control Panel
Automatic Pump Control Panel
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