Non Enzymatic Cleaner Products

Non Enzymatic Cleaner Products
Bio-Clean NE
Ruhof Bio-Clean® NE

Bio-Clean® NE is highly recommended for all scopes and cannulated instruments where Biofilm build-up can develop as a result of constant exposure to wet and dry phases during usage and reprocessing. Cleans, washes and prepares semi-critical medical devices enabling high level disinfectants to kill and remove biofilm..... read more

Ruhof Prepclean "Forever Wet"
Ruhof Prepclean® "Forever Wet"

Prepclean® Forever Wet is a neutral pH, non-aerosol humectant spray which promotes the long lasting retention of moisture on soiled instruments helping to prevent the adhesion of bio-burden to surgical instruments and scopes..... read more

Bio-Clean Phase One
Bio-Clean® Phase One - Non Enzymatic Neutral Detergent Endoscopy Bedside Care Kit

Bio-Clean® Phase One - The only Bedside Care Kit that removes gross contaminants, including synthetic lipids while pre-cleaning scope surface and internal channels enabling high level disinfectant to kill and...... read more