Ruhof Prepzyme® Enzymatic Foam Spray

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Cat. No. 345PRP

6 x 650ml Trigger Spray Bottles

NHS Supply Chain Code. FAL744


Prevents dried on bio-burden.

Helps reduce cleaning time and makes cleaning easier.

PrepzymeŽ is ideal for keeping soiled instruments, scopes and biopsy forceps moist, preventing bio-burden from adhering to the surface prior to decontamination. The multi-tiered enzymatic foaming spray covers the instruments and begins breaking down blood, fat, protein and carbohydrates before they arrive in the central service/decontamination room.

Perfect for use in Operating Rooms, Endoscopy Suites, Outpatient Surgery, Dental and other off-site departments and clinics where instrument and scope cleaning is not immediately available. No more messy spills. Stops splashing during transportation. Helps reduce cleaning time.


  • Begins breaking down blood, fat, protein and carbohydrates on contact
  • No more messy spills or splashing
  • Prevents dried on bio-burden
  • Easy and safe to use
  • Safe for all instruments and scopes, flexible and rigid, extends usable lifetime
  • Neutral pH (non-abrasive), 100% biodegradable
  • Free rinsing
  • Will not harm any metals, plastics, rubber or corrugated tubing
  • Specially designed non-aerosol sprayer is environmentally friendly


  1. Spray directly on soiled instruments and scopes immediately after use.
  2. Allow foam to stay on instruments and scopes until ready for cleaning. Apply more as needed to keep moist.
  3. Rinse instruments thoroughly before cleaning. Discard used solution.
Ruhof Prepzyme Enzymatic Foam Spray 650ml
Prepzyme Enzymatic Foam Spray
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