Ruhof Premixslip

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Cat. No. 345PMX

4 x 4 Litre Bottles

NHS Supply Chain Code. FAL741


Pre-mixed instrument lubricant and rust inhibitor.

Clinically tested to be thoroughly steam penetrable, steam sterilizable and ETO sterilizable.

Premixslip® is a non-sticky, non-toxic, silicone free and water soluble mineral oil lubricant that can withstand the high temperatures of autoclaving without becoming gummy. Forming a protective barrier on surgical instruments, Premixslip® prevents rusting, staining, and spotting while restoring articulation to sticky box-locks and joints. Used routinely as part of the Ruhof System, Premixslip® will greatly reduce repair and replacement costs.


  • High-grade mineral oil lubricant and rust inhibitor.
  • Prevents rust, spots, stains, and corrosion, prolonging the life of the instrument.
  • Prevents damage due to misuse of stiff or grinding instruments.
  • Steam penetrable, steam sterilizable and ETO sterilizable.
  • Non-oily, non-sticky, non-toxic and silicone free.
  • Routine use will enhance the life and efficiency of instruments.
  • Greatly reduces repair and replacement cost.


PREMIXSLIP® must be used before sterilization. It is already pre-mixed and ready to use. Just pour into Instru-Bin*, basin or sink, dip the instruments (DO NOT RINSE), wrap and sterilize.

*See Instru-Bin for more information.

Ruhof Premixslip 4 Litre Bottle
Premixslip 4 Litre Bottle
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