Ruhof Liquizime

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Cat. No. 345LQZ
Cat. No. 345LQZ10L

4 x 4 Litre Bottles
2 x 10 Litre Bottles

NHS Supply Chain Code. FAL735
NHS Supply Chain Code. FAL736

Multi-Tiered alkaline enzymatic detergent specifically designed for use in washer-disinfectors, tunnel washers and cart washers.

Liquizime® is a premium detergent that utilizes the power of enzymes in an alkaline solution. With its Multi-tiered formulation of enzymes, Liquizime® removes all blood, fat, carbohydrates, starches and protein, while its powerful alkaline solution removes scale and mineral deposits left from hard water. Liquizime®’s unique sequestering and emulsifying ability assures complete cleanliness and free rinsing of surgical instruments, trays and carts.


  • Liquizime® contains powerful sequestering and emulsifying agents, assuring complete cleanliness and free rinsing of all surgical instruments, trays, carts, plastics, aluminum, glassware, and rubber tubing.
  • Liquizime® features Ruhof’s synergistic blend of Multi-tiered enzymes for the digestion of all bio-burden.
  • Excellent for hard water problems, eliminating mineral deposits from stainless steel instruments, optics, common plastics as well as materials used in anaesthetic utensils (please test anodised aluminium for suitability).


  • One-step cleaning and scale prevention
  • Liquizime® is alkaline (ph 9 to 10) yet does not require neutralizer
  • Bio-degradable
  • Extremely fast wetting and odourless, while maintaining high detergency and cleaning performance in hard, soft, cold and/or hot water
  • Instantly and constantly active (sequestering)
  • Free Rinsing, Liquizime® leaves no residue or pyrogens
Ruhof Liquizime 4 Litre Bottle
Liquizime 4 Litre Bottle
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Ruhof Liquizime 10 Litre Bottle
Liquizime 10 Litre Bottle
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