Ruhof Endozime Instrusponge Rigid

Ruhof Endozime InstruSponges for Rigid Scopes are available exclusively from Health Edge Consumables Ltd.


Endozime® InstruSponge™ for Rigid and Take-apart Instruments

An Enzymatic Sponge on a Flexible Wand for Rigid and Take-apart Instruments

InstruSponge™ is impregnated with Endozime® AW Triple Plus® with APA and is attached to a flexible plastic wand that allows for easy manoeuvring through complex internal channels, cannulas and lumens to loosen and expel gross contaminants.

Unlike conventional channel wire bristle brushes that can cause scarring on instrument walls, InstruSponge™'s foam tip gently wipes clean the inside surface of the take-apart channel while instantly and actively digesting soil upon contact.

Dipping the foam tip in water immediately activates the enzymes.


  1. Dip foam tip in water to activate enzymes
  2. Insert foam end into channel and run the length of the channel. For the smaller sizes 1, 1.5 & 1.75mm it may be easier to insert the wand end first
  3. After each passage, rinse foam tip to remove any visible debris before retracting and re-inserting it
  4. Continue passing through until there is no debris visible on foam tip
  5. Discard InstruSponge™ after each use
Endozime® InstruSponge™ for Rigid Scopes
Endozime® InstruSponge™ for Rigid Scopes
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